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HEI-IR860 Complete IR Rework System for SMD and BGA's

HEI-IR860 Complete IR Rework System for SMD and BGA's
The HEI-IR860 Solderlight is specially designed for SMD/BGA rework and also very convenient for re-balling smaller BGA components. When used in conjunction with our Infra-Red Pre-heater, the system will achieve remarkable improvements in quality and efficiency of SMD/BGA rework operations.
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 HEI-IR860 (New Lower Price) $1695.00
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Specifications for HEI-IR860
Solderlight Control
Power Rating 100-120Vac 60 hz 220-240Vac 50 hz
Fuse T3.15A (Slow Type) T2A (Slow Type)
Output 15Vac 150W
IR Lamp Temp. range 45º-450º Celsius (113º-842º Fahrenheit)
Time settings 0-900sec
Size (W*H*D) 170 x 100 x 200mm
(6.7" x 3.94" x 7.9")
Net weight 7.25 lbs
Power Rating 115 vac 230 vac
Fuse (Delay type) T 10 A T 5 A
Output 650W
Temperature range 30º-350º Celsius (86º-662º Fahrenheit)
Time settings 0-900sec
Size (W*H*D) 280 x 90 x 257mm
(11" x 3.5" x 10")
Net weight 7.25 lbs

Features of HEI-IR860 Front Panel
1. Timer Switch
2. Power Switch for Solderlight
3. "Down" key- Time counting & temperature decrease
4. "UP" key - Time counting & temperature increase
5. "SolderLight" - Temperature display (3 segment) IR Hand tool intensity.
6. Celsius (°) temperature light for Solderlight
7. Fahrenheit (°) temperature light for Solderlight
8. “RESET”- Offset frontward counting
9. “TIMER”- Time counting display (3 segment) Process timer 13. MODEL: Temperature offset pad
10. “ALARM”- Time setting 14. Fahrenheit (°) temperature light for PREHEAT
11. Temperature up pad (increase numerals) for PREHEAT 15. Celsius (°) temperature light for PREHEAT
12. Temperature down pad (decrease numerals) for PREHEAT 16. Temperature setting display (3 segment)

HEI-IR810 Back Panel
1. Foot switch socket (4 pin)
2. DC12V Cooling fan socket (3 pin)
3. Output to PRE-HEATER
4. Fuse Holder Solderlight connector
5. AC power inlet

Benefits of the HEI-IR810
Quartz heater gets faster heat-up time.
The efficient pre-heat height is 45mm from quartz surface to the bottom of the PCB assembly. 
The temperature of back heater setting at 220C° can get (75% energy is provided by the back heater and 25% of the energy provided by the top heater) efficient preheating performance and prevent the bending and thermal stress of bigger PCBs and/or damage of the components just heating from the top heater.

Replacement Bulb and Accessories:
  HEI-Lamp $107.50
  HEI-Lens   $39.00

Questions and Answers:
Q. What Top Heat setting should you use?
A. Between 220-38
0C°. Normal setting is 240

Q. What’s the working distance of the IR Hand tool and how do I move it for rework?
Approximately 5 – 10 mm when reworking and move up to 30mm when removing Component – move the hand tool in a scanning motion to heat leads, taking about one second for each scan of the component.

Q. What pre-heater setting should I use?
Between 200-290C°. Normal setting is 240C°

Q. How long do I preheat the PCB?
A. Always preheat the PCB (up to 120
for between 45 – 90 seconds) to allow the heat to conduct through to the component before introducing the Top Heat. With the 700W pre-heater the top of a small PCB will reach 120° in approximately 45 – 90 seconds. Larger PCBs will take longer to pre-heat. To check the PCB/component temperature, use a hand-held IR temperature sensor (Not Supplied) to ‘look’ down at the PCB/component from about 60mm away and at about 45° angle.

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