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Howard Electronics offers Specialty Items like Industrial Needles, Solder Pots, Vacuum Pickup Tools, Solder, Volt Meters, Wire Strippers, Tweezers and Pliers, Glue Guns, and Fume Extractors, Soldering Tips, Desoldering Tips, and Microscopes to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the do-it-yourselfers. Choose the product for your best choice.

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£9.36 £7.98

MidWest Devices CapKit Repair Kit is available if you accidentally check a charged or powered up capacitor you may damage the Capacitor Wizard®. This CAPKIT


£8.64 £5.96
Chip Quik, SMDSW.020 4oz

ChipQuik SMDSW.020 4oz No-Clean Solder Wire 63/37 Tin/Lead


£18.82 £15.96

MidWest Devices CW1B-PR Replacement Capacitor Wizard® probes complete with cable.


£7.53 £6.38

Chip Quik SMD291NL 5cc (5 Grams) Syringe of Lead-Free Flux


£6.20 £5.32
MidWest Devices CapMeter Plastic cover

£35.08 £31.89

V8920E-LMS-ESD Virtual Industries Pen-Vac Pro Series Vacuum Pen


£200.21 £164.89

DTV-2000 Dual Tweezer Vacuum System 110V - Includes two 5' coiled hoses (VCH-5/64-5), Set of nine vacuum tips (VCS-9-B), Vacuum handle (VVP-200)


£15.66 £13.30

MidWest Devices CapMeter replacement is a full analog replacement meter movement.


£11.29 £9.04

HV-KIT-ESD Virtual Handi-Vac Vacuum Tool


£56.45 £47.85

333 Panavise Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder


£28.99 £24.57

VTH-16 Virtual Industries Table top luer slip vacuum tips holder with non-slip rubber feet


£31.32 £26.57

311 Panavise Bench Clamp Base Mount

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