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CAPWIZ Capacitor Wizard ESR Tester ( CAP1B )

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The CAPWIZ Capacitor Wizard ( CAP1B ) by Midwest Devices is an extremely fast and reliable device designed to measure ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors of 1uf and larger "IN CIRCUIT" eliminating the need to remove the capacitor for ac curate tests. The Capacitor Wizard CAP-1B finds BAD caps IN CIRCUIT or out of the circuit!!

Midwest Devices Capacitor Wizard CAP1B

"The " Capacitor Wizard ®" meter is a very useful capacitor analyzer from Midwest Devices LLC. The CAPWIZ Capacitor Wizard CAP1B uses the ESR (equivalent series resistance) method for determining a capacitors' "health". Capacitor testing can be problematic using other solutions. The Capacitor Wizard CAP1B ESR method detects problems with a device due to changes in the dielectric constant or the electrolytic compound drying out and really measures the overall "health" of a device and not just its capacitance value. This is an indispensable piece of test equipment for a system designer or product technician!!!!"

Capacitor Wizard ESR Meter CAP1B Features

CAP1B Meter Range: 0 to 30 Ohms Expanded Scale
CAP1B Output Test Signal: 100 KHz Sine Wave
CAP1B Output Voltage: Only 5 mV RMS! - will NOT turn on solid state devices
CAP1B Meter input resistance: 2.5 Ohm - Resolution as low as 0.1 Ohm
CAP1B Adjustable "Capacitor Good" beeper-Beeper Resolution as low as 50 milli Ohm!
CAP1B Power: 4 AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
CAP1B Size 7" x 4" x 1.5"
CAP1B High quality gold plated probe tips with 4 foot leads
CAP1B Ohms-Zero and Beeper-Adjust controls
CAP1B UL and ULC ( UL3111-1 )
CAP1B CE European Standard EN-55022 and EN-50082-1
CAP1B Capacitance range - caps below 1uF start to lose resolution, but it is still useful in repair work. There is no limit for large caps.

Capacitor Wizard CAP1B Articles and Tech Notes

See Doug's Tech Notes on the Capacitor Wizard

The Capacitor Wizard by Martin Pickering 'Television Magazine'

See the Capacitor Wizard with Capsvr installed for protection of the ESR Meter.

Purchase a Capacitor Wizard Saver

Purchase a Repair Kit

Purchase a Capacitor Wizard ESR Meeter CAP1B sold by Howard Electronics Today!

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Midwest Devices LLC
$29.45 $25.00
Full analog replacement meter movement. Complete with nuts, bolts, washers, cover for the Capacitor Wizard
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$17.59 $15.00

If you accidentally check a charged or powered up capacitor you may damage the Capacitor Wizard®. This kit contains all the parts needed to repair damage caused by charged capacitors.

Price in points: 15 points

$29.45 $25.00

Helps protect against accidentally damaging the Capacitor Wizard® by attempting to test charged capacitors. Make a habit of following good service practices and discharge all capacitors before attempting a test - even if you install the CapSVR. Always remove power from the circuit under test.

Price in points: 25 points

$35.38 $30.00
Replacement Capacitor Wizard® probes complete with cable.
Price in points: 30 points

$11.66 $10.00
Plastic meter cover. When replacing the meter cover make certain that the zero adjustment screw cam located on the rear of the meter cover is positioned to...
Price in points: 10 points

CAPWIZ Manual (capwiz.pdf, 223 Kb) [Download]

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