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DEN-ON - SS-8400

DEN-ON SS-8400 Soldering Station

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DEN-ON SS-8400 Soldering Station sold by Howard Electronics

  • Using a special alloy for the tip it actually reduces solder intrusion/acid corrosion/heat swelling. yet it has superior heat transmission.

  • The tip can be replaced independently therefore lowering running costs.

  • The newly developed heater of the tip inside system is excellent in the temperature start-up and the heat recovery.

  • The measure against the static electricity is nearly perfect and is therefore EOS-ESD SAFE.

  • The stand-by function and the auto shut off function are provided for the versatility.

  • Stand by function: When the iron is housed in the iron stand, the temperature is automatically lowered to protect the tip.

  • Auto shut off function : The power is off in the set up time.

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Vendors :
Den-On Instruments
Temperature Range:
159 - 499 Degrees C