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Xytronic Industries is a leading supplier of temperature controlled soldering stations, desoldering stations, hot air stations, rework equipment, soldering tips, and accessories. Xytronic Industries line of soldering stations includes LF-399D, LF-389D, LF-1680, LF-2000, LF-2000U, LF-3200, LF-3500, and LF-5200 models. Xytronic Industries line of temperature controlled soldering stations are a key piece of equipment for all electronic assembly operations. A wide variety of soldering stations are available from 60W to 150W with an adjustable temperature range of 150~450°C Other options such as analog or digital displays, safety approvals (UL, TÜV, CE, CSA, and SAA), a choice of input voltages to meet local market needs and ESD safe models are built to meet customer specifications. Two types of heating elements are available, ceramic and nichrome wound wire, each with their own attributes depending on the application.

Development of new products to meet the needs of the customer, especially in the area of SMD repair and rework as well as striving to further improve customer satisfaction through added features is and continues to be Xytronic Industries focus into the 21th century

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$149.00 $119.00
Xytronic, LF2900

Xytronic LF-2900 100 Watt Digital Soldering Station with LCD DIsplay


$75.00 $59.00
Xytronic, 896 F

Xytronic LF-399D Temperature Controlled, Digital Solder Station



210ESD Soldering Iron for LF Stations with Standard Tip


$220.00 $139.95
Xytronic, LF-3200

LF-3200 Xytronic 120 Watt High Frequency Soldering Station

$58.89 $50.00

Xytronic 107ESD Soldering Iron for 988


$70.75 $60.00

307A Xytronic 32V/90W Soldering Iron for LF2000


$175.00 $139.95
Xytronic, LF-1680
Xytronic LF-1680 Dual Lead Free Soldering Station with Tweezers

$94.29 $79.95

TWZ100 Xytronic Hot Tweezers for LF-8000, LF7000, LF1000, 988DK


$185.00 $165.00

The Xytronic LF-2000U Lead-Free Soldering Station w/Hot Tweezers

with specially intelligent chip microcomputer control designs was developed to meet the present and future lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry and suitable for work on professional SMD electronics.
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