CD-1BE JBC Tools Digital Soldering Station

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CD-1BE JBC Tools soldering station with the JBC Advanced system for general electronic applications. It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features. The JBC Tools CD-1BE soldering station comes with handpiece (T245-A), and two cartridges (C245-903 and C245-741). The CD-1BE JBC Tools soldering station is the best station sold on todays market.

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CD-1BE JBC Tools Digital Lead-Free Soldering Station

CD-1BE JBC Tools advanced compact station incorporating JBC Technology in one self-contained unit with a new display and USB Connector for software updates. The JBC Tools CD-1BD intelligent sleep and hibernation functions, which help extend tip life and save energy, works so well because JBC's extremely fast temperature recovery, rivaled in the market. The CD-1BE JBC Tools Soldering Station control units feature large high-contrast graphic displays that show important information at a glance.

CD-1BE JBC Tools Soldering Station Control Unit

CD-1BE JBC Tools soldering station features large graphic display that shows important information at a glance. Any changes to the original settings can be easily made via menu on the display. The CD-1BE JBC Tools soldering station is the best soldering station sold on todays market.

JBC Tools CD-1BE Soldering Station Stand

CD-1BE JBC Tools stand is incorporated in the housing with the control unit for easy handling.

Complete Cleaning System with an Antisplash Membrane

JBC Tools CD-1BE uses the integrated wiper to remove excess solder from the tip and to keep work area clean

CD-1BE Product Composition

Control Unit: CD-1BE with tip cleaning system
Tools: T245-A General Purpose Soldering Handle
Cartridges: C245741, C245903
Consumables: S0354 Sponge, CL6210 Brass Wool

What is the Correct Temperature for Soldering?

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Vendors :
JBC Tools
2.6 kg / 5.5 lb
Single or Dual Station:
Available Voltage:
[email protected]
Analog or Digital:
Power Consumption:
75 Watts
Time to reach 400ºC w/cold tip:
8 sec
Thermal Load Test :
1 min 28 sec
Temperature setting range ºC:
90ºC - 450ºC
Temperature setting range ºF:
F 190ºF - 840ºF
Idle Temp, Stability:
Dimensions handpiece:
6" x 1/2"
Dimensions control unit:
Weight handpiece:
Weight control unit:
Tip to ground resistance:
< 5 Ohm
Tip to ground voltage:
<2 mV RMS
Handpiece cord length:
Power cord length:
6' Computer Plug
Total peak power:
140 Watts
Nominal soldering iron power:
75 Watts
ESD Safe:
Temperature in ºC or ºF:
Temperature Adjustable:
Heater fail notification:
Zero Voltage Switching:
Sleep function:
Shutdown function:
Plug-In Handpiece:
Password Lock function:
Calibration function:
Temp. Correction Range :
+99ºC ~ -99ºC
Burn resistant cord:
Replace tip while hot:
UL, CE or CSE certified:
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T245-A JBC Tools T245 Standard Handpiece

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T245-B JBC Tools Comfort Handpiece

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Price in points: 67 points

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JBC Tools T245-PA Soldering Handpiece are for both SMD components and for jobs with high power requirements (e.g. ground plane soldering).

60 days
Price in points: 67 points



CD-BE Manual (CD-BD_MANUAL.pdf, 2,871 Kb) [Download]

CD-BD Manual (Polski) (CD-BD_MANUAL_polski.pdf, 1,499 Kb) [Download]

Compact Line Brochure (compact_eng.pdf, 1,215 Kb) [Download]

Exploded View (exploded_cd-bd.pdf, 661 Kb) [Download]