Soldering Stations sold by HEI

Howard Electronic Instruments is a worldwide distributor of soldering stations, soldering tools, and soldering irons by Xytronic, JBC Tools, Jovy, Atten, DEN-ON Instruments, EDSYN, and Goot manufactures. We also have all soldering tips, soldering handpieces, soldering stands, soldering parts, soldering pots, soldering fume extractors, butane soldering irons, and soldering accessories for all the soldering stations we sell.

$1.34 $1.25

Xytronic 52-020011 Seal O-ring



C470-033 JBC Tools Heavy Duty Cartridge for T470-A


$7.07 $6.00

Xytronic 27-020008 Bakelite Heater Holder


$75.00 $62.00

108ESD Xytronic 32v 80w complete soldering iron for LF1600


$18.74 $14.95
Chip Quik, SMD291ST2CC6

Chip Quik SMD291ST2CC6 2cc Squeeze Tubes Flux $13.95


$24.86 $21.15

79-206043M Xytronic Ceramic Heating Element Ass'y for the TWZ60 Hot Tweezers.


$114.37 $100.00

Qualitek QBS-018 Premium Cast Bar Solder Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5?? 2.0 lb bars


$32.00 $27.50

C245-406 (1.2x0.7mm x10mm) JBC Tools Chisel Soldering Cartridge


$4.70 $4.50

CL6210 JBC Brass Wool for CL9885 Stand


0812630 JBC Tools Metal Tube for DR560-A

$182.00 $159.00

AP130-A JBC Tools Solder Feed Iron


JBC Tools, TT-A

TT-A TT9900 JBC Lead Free Tip Cleaner

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