Soldering Stations sold by HEI

Howard Electronic Instruments is a worldwide distributor of soldering stations, soldering tools, and soldering irons by Xytronic, JBC Tools, Jovy, Atten, DEN-ON Instruments, EDSYN, and Goot manufactures. We also have all soldering tips, soldering handpieces, soldering stands, soldering parts, soldering pots, soldering fume extractors, butane soldering irons, and soldering accessories for all the soldering stations we sell.

£57.16 £51.86

Hakko FX-888D 70 watt soldering station is the updated, digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features-digital calibrations to simplify the setup and operation, new password protection


£345.74 £332.45
JBC Tools, CDE

JBC Tools CDE-1BA Soldering Station features a new and powerful functionality of profiles to perform soldering tasks with the maximum precision.


£79.26 £63.30
Xytronic, LF2900

Xytronic LF-2900 100 Watt Digital Soldering Station with LCD DIsplay


£279.26 from £237.57

JBC Tools CD-1BE soldering station comes with handpiece (T245-A), and two cartridges (C245-903 and C245-741)

£279.26 from £237.57

JBC Tools CD-1SE Lead Free Soldering Station with T210 handpiece, C210-001, and C210-008 tips.

£632.98 £585.11

HDE-1C JBC Tools Heavy Duty Soldering Station


£50.15 £42.55

Xytronic DIA60A Desoldering Iron for 988, 988D and 968


£154.26 £97.85

POT-28C Goot Lead Free Solder Bath with Cast Iron Bath


£39.89 £31.38
Xytronic, 896 F

Xytronic LF-399D Temperature Controlled, Digital Solder Station


£31.34 £26.57

Goot PX-201 Temperature controlled soldering iron with insulation cap

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