Soldering Stations sold by HEI

Howard Electronic Instruments is a worldwide distributor of soldering stations, soldering tools, and soldering irons by Xytronic, JBC Tools, Jovy, Atten, DEN-ON Instruments, EDSYN, and Goot manufactures. We also have all soldering tips, soldering handpieces, soldering stands, soldering parts, soldering pots, soldering fume extractors, butane soldering irons, and soldering accessories for all the soldering stations we sell.

JBC CLMB-A8 Metal Brushes for CLMB-A Save 14%
$105.00 $90.00
Grips for T245-A & T245-C Save 9%
$22.00 $20.00
Edsyn SH230 Sponge Holder Save 1%
$14.20 $14.00
Edsyn-RS383 Retaining Sleeve Save 6%
$20.30 $19.00
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