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Howard Electronic Instruments,Inc. offers innovative SMD Rework Stations, Hot Air Stations, Infrared Preheaters, PCB Board Holders, Handpiece Parts, and Accessories to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the do-it-yourselfers. Choose from JBC Tools, Xytronic, Jovy, Goot, Edsyn, Den-On, Steinel, Master Appliance, Chip Quik or Qualitek.

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£11.17 £6.38

JV-R010 Jovy 10 meters of adhesive reflective tape


£27.13 £11.17

Jovy Systems JV-R050 (50 meters) Reflective Adhesive Tape that is used with Jovy Systems IR rework stations to reflect infrared rays and protect selected areas from excessive heating.


£1,276.60 £1,102.66

£34.49 £18.62
JV-SSU Small PCB Scale Supporter

£59.62 £39.89

Jovy Systems JV-RMP BGA rework stencils for Sony PlayStation 3 repair


£37.64 £31.91
JV-LSU large scale supporter holds larger boards from the bottom side with four main pins hold up the PCB

£22.59 £11.70

Jovy Systems JV-K030 Heat-resistant, high-temperature Thermal Protective Tape (30 m). Used for circuit boards and electronic components protection from high temperatures during the soldering process


£47.00 £29.26

Jovy Systems JV-LF40 Lead Free BGA Solder Balls. Diameter: 0.40mm. Quantity: 250K.


£59.62 £34.57

Jovy Systems JV-LF60 Lead Free BGA Solder Balls. Diameter: 0.60mm. Quantity: 250K.


£43.23 £36.70

JV-RMX Jovy X-Box Reballing Kit Stencils


£119.23 £101.06

JV-SLH8 JV-SLH8 Jovy Ceramic Middle Lower Heater 100W for the RE-8500


£43.23 £21.81

Jovy Systems JV-PB76 Lead BGA Solder Balls. Diameter: 0.76mm. Quantity: 250K.

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