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AMTECH is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty products and materials for the electronics assembly marketplace. Our products include core wire solderlead free core wire solder, solder pastes, liquid fluxes, and lead free bar solder.
Amtech  Core Wire Solder
  Amtech's No-Clean Solder - Excellent for all Electronic Soldering Applications Amtech's No-Clean Core Wire was developed to provide outstanding wetting-speed and solder joint quality without affecting the solder joint cosmetics. Comes in 0.15, .020, .031, diameter one pound rolls.

Amtech  "Lead Free" Core Wire Solder
Amtech's Lead Free Solder - Excellent for all Electronic "Lead Free" Soldering Applications Amtech's No-Clean "Lead Free" Core Wire was developed to provide outstanding wetting-speed and solder joint quality without affecting the solder joint cosmetics. Comes in 0.15, .020, .031, diameter one pound rolls.

Amtech  "Lead Free" Premium Bar Solder
  Amtech’s "Lead Free" Premium Bar Solder - is designed to meet today’s sophisticated electronic manufacturing processes by providing a strong and reliable solder joint. All AMTECH bar solder is manufactured from a variety of high purity virgin metals that exceed the IPC standards (J-STD-006) regarding impurity levels. Lead-free bar solder is sold in 20kg boxes or 1.7lb bars.

Amtech Water Soluble Solder Cream Paste
  Amtech's NWS4100 Water Soluble Solder Paste -10CC Syringe W/Plunger and needle. Get superior fine pitch joints with our water-soluble solder creams and forget the headaches of handling and disposing of chemical solvents. Specially formulated without saponifier or other additives, these ecologically sound solder creams are halogen-free, non-hygroscopic and provide long stencil life and extended tack. Perfectly sized powder particles and chemically exact flux vehicles can be custom-blended to meet your specific applications and reflow requirements.

Amtech RMA (Rosin Mildly Activated) Solder Cream Paste

Amtech's RMA-223 SOLDER CREAM - 10CC Syringe W/Plunger and needle. AMTECH RMA-223 is a cream conforming to ANSI/J-STD-004 - 006. It is specially designed for today's SMT applications. It is a homogeneous mixture of the highest quality pre-alloyed solder powders and mildly activated resin paste flux. With a special blend of gelling additives in this formulation, it prevents segregation of solder cream and provides a creamy mixture ready for application. The residue from RMA-223 is light amber & clear of solder balls.

Amtech "No-Clean" Solder Cream Paste
  Amtech's NC-559 No-Clean Solder Paste -10CC Syringe W/Plunger and needle. Eliminate cleaning from your rework process with no-clean solder creams made from perfectly-sized powders and benign rosin fluxes. Get ultimate solderability for fine-pitch SMT without solder balls. Halogen-free, halide-free and free from volatile organic compounds, the NC 500 series leaves a non-conductive, non-corrosive, post reflow residue that actually works as a protective coating.

Amtech "No-Clean" Gel Flux
  Amtech NC559V2 No-Clean Solder Flux -10CC Syringe W/Plunger and needle. Excellent for surface mount IC's.

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