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HeiScope - HEI-FS-1000-24

HEI-FS-1000-24 HEIScope Fixed Binocular Microscope on Post Stand 20x 40x

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HEIScope's fixed stereo microscopes have two objective pairs in a turret mount that allows the viewer to change from one magnification to another (10x to 30x) by rotating the turret. While not as flexible as a stereo zoom body, turret bodies are more economical. HEIScope offers 3 different magnification combinations in both binocular and trinocular models, with additional eyepieces and auxiliary lenses the bodies and can be customized to meet your specifications. You'll be delighted by the quality and performance of these instruments. 5 year Manufacturer's warranty!

Optical Data


Auxiliary Lens10X15X20X25X30XWorking Distance (mm)
0.3X3x or 9x66or 224.5x or 13.5x53 or 176x or 18x40 or 137.5x or 22.5x30 or 109x or 27x23.3 or 7.7264
6x or 12x33 or 169x or 18x26 or 1312x or 24x20 or 1015x or 30x15 or 718x or 36x11.6 or 5.8
0.4X4x or 12x50 or 166x or 18x40 or 138x or 24x30 or 1010x or 30x22 or 712x or 36x17.5 or 5.8200
8x or 16x25 or 1212x or 24x20 or 1016x or 32x15 or 7.520x or 40x11 or 524x or 48x8.7 or 4.3
0.5X5x or 15x40 or 137.5x or 22.5x32 or 1010x or 30x24 or 812.5x or 37.5x18 or 615x or 45x14 or 4.6170
10x or 20x20 or 1015x or 30x16 or 420x or 40x12 or 625x or 50x9 or 430x or 60x7 or 3.5
0.75X7.5x or 22.5x26 or 811.2x or 33.7x21 or 1415x or 45x16 or 518.7x or 56.2x12 or 422x or 67x9.3 or 3.1118
15x or 30x13 or 622.5x or 45x10 or 530x or 60x8 or 437.5x or 75x5 or 345x or 90x4.6 or 2.3
1X10x or 30x20 or 615x or 45x16 or 520x or 60x12 or 425x or 75x9 or 330x or 90x7 or 2.3100
20x or 40x10 or 530x or 60x8 or 440x or 80x6 or 350x or 100x4 or 260x or 120x3.5 or 1.75
1.5X15x or 45x13 or 422.5x or 67.5x10 or 330x or 90x8 or 2.637.5x or 112.5x6 or 245x or 135x4.6 or 1.552
30x or 60x6 or 36x or 3x5 or 2.560x or 120x4 or 275x or 150x2.8 or 1.590x or 180x2.3 or 1.1
2.0X20x or 60x10 or 330x or 90x8 or 240x or 120x6 or 250x or 150x4.5 or 1.560x or 180x3.5 or 1.134
40x or 80x5 or 2.55x or 2.5x4 or 280x or 160x3 or 1.510x or 200x2 or 1120x or 240x1.75 or 88
Vendors :
Stand :
Post Stand
Magnification witn 10x eyepieces :
20x / 40x
Microscope Cover :
Yes (ESD Safe)
Package Eyepieces :
Optional Eyepieces:
10x \ 15x \ 20x \ 25x \ 30x
Field of View:
10mm or 5mm
Working Distance:
3.9" or 100mm
Binocular Angle of View:

Fs Series Manual (FS_Series_Dual_Power_Stereo_Microscope_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 225 Kb) [Download]

Post Stand Manual (Post_Stand_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 167 Kb) [Download]