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Jensen Global Specialty Needles

Jensen Global Specialty Needles include IT Series Taper Tip, PTFE Flexible Despensing Tips, Double Tapered Tips. We offer unique tips used in specialty applications for any dispensing need. All-metal needles are made for heavy usage while PTFE-lined and dosing tips are ideal for cyanoacrylate dispensing to help with clogging and curing. To prevent curing and protect the dispensing tip, covers and scabbards are also available. Custom tips are available upon request.

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$13.75 $12.00
Jensen Global, JG125TCP

JG125TCP Taper tip needle tip cap is flexible and fits over any of the taper tip gauge (14,16,18,20,22,24). 100 per bag


$37.00 from $36.00
Jensen Global, JG30-0.5T

30 gauge 0.5" PTFE tip ID .012"- Lavender

from $33.00
Jensen Global, JG14-0.5T
Jensen Global 14 Gauge PTFE Dispensing Tips

$17.60 $15.00
Jensen Global, JG24-1.25DT

JG24-1.25DT Jensen Global Double Tapered Tip Needles

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