Industrial Needles

Industrial Needles

Jensen Global Industrial Needles, Syringes, and Bottles

Jensen Global is a leader in dispensing systems and supplies for electronics, industrial, aerospace, and life sciences. Our dispensing equipment, Industrial Needles, Tip Caps, and Syringes allow for precise and ergonomic application of a wide range of fluids. Jensen Global include: adhesives, glues, epoxies, solder pastes, solder masks, RTVs, silicones, sealants, solvents, oil lubricants, greases, inks, paints, additives, chemicals, and more.

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£19.68 from £19.15
Jensen Global, JG30-0.5T

30 gauge 0.5" PTFE tip ID .012"- Lavender

from £17.55
Jensen Global, JG14-0.5T
Jensen Global 14 Gauge PTFE Dispensing Tips

£7.45 £6.89

KDS5200LL2 Squeeze Bottles w/Caps and Needles


£14.10 £11.97
Jensen Global, JG30A-20

Jensen Global JG30A-20 30cc Air Operated Syringe


£18.11 £15.43

JGNC1.5 needle cover fits over all 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 inch needles. 1000 per box


£11.85 £10.64
Jensen Global, JG30A-X

JG30A-X 30/50cc Standard Syringe Adapter


£20.04 £17.02
Jensen Global, JG10CCUSA

JG10CCUSA 10cc Universal Syringe Adapter

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