Industrial Needles

Industrial Needles

Jensen Global Industrial Needles, Syringes, and Bottles

Jensen Global is a leader in dispensing systems and supplies for electronics, industrial, aerospace, and life sciences. Our dispensing equipment, Industrial Needles, Tip Caps, and Syringes allow for precise and ergonomic application of a wide range of fluids. Jensen Global include: adhesives, glues, epoxies, solder pastes, solder masks, RTVs, silicones, sealants, solvents, oil lubricants, greases, inks, paints, additives, chemicals, and more.

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£8.78 £8.51
Jensen Global JGK-50FS-1 Cannabis Fill Kit sold by Howard Electronics The Jensen Global JGK-50FS-1 Cannabis Fill Kit is essential! If you like to...

£7.84 £6.65
Jensen Global, JG2.0BC-18-0.05

JG2.0BC-18-0.5 2oz Boston Round Bottle W/ Luer Lock Cap, 18-0.5 Needle


£5.29 from £4.52

Jensen Global 18 Gauge Blunt Needle is Pink Colored with a Threaded Luer Lock Hub. Jensen Global 18 gauge Needles have a Inside Diameter of 0.038” (0.965 mm) and an Outside Diameter of 0.049” (1.245 mm).

£34.57 £34.55

SMDSG10CCR 10CC Syringe Dispensing Gun


£212.23 £206.91
Jensen Global, JGD350S

Jensen Global JGD350S compact analog shot meter allows for reproducible deposits of a wide range of thin or viscous materials


£5.05 £4.52
Jensen Global, JG-NS4

Jensen Global JG-NS4 Needle Sample Kit with standard blunt and Tapereded tip needles


£2.44 £2.13
Jensen Global, JG-TCBP

JG-TCBP Luer Lock Syringe Cap (BLACK) twists on the end of any luer lock syringe. 100 per box


£19.43 £16.49
Jensen Global, JG3CCUSA

JG3CCUSA Jensen Global 3cc Universal Syringe Adapter w/Hose


£2.61 from £2.43
Jensen Global, JG2.0B

Jensen Global Boston Round Bottles are a squeezable cylinder style bottle w/o cap.

£4.65 £4.52
Jensen Global, JG18-SCX

JG18-SCP 18 Gauge Scabbard (Cover) for 18 gauge standard needles.

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