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Howard Electronic Instruments, Inc.

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Steinel and Master Appliance Butane Soldering Irons, Torches and Flameless Torches

Steinel Butane Powered Products

 Hot Melt Butane Glue Gun


Steinel Butane Glue Gun Introducing a new completely portable butane powered hot-melt glue gun. Allows users to work almost anywhere. This glue gun features the power and durability to get the job done in industrial applications.

 Steinel Butane Powered Soldering Irons and Iron Kits
  Steinel ThermaSolder™ 600 High capacity soldering iron with auto ignition and powerful 30W - 125W output. Refillable 38 ml tank for 200 minutes of continuous use.

  ThermaSolder™ 550 Butane soldering iron with auto ignition and 30W - 125W power range. Refillable 25ml tank for 160 minutes of continuous use.

  ThermaSolder™ 500 Butane soldering iron with 25W - 80W power range. Cordless and ready to use in 20 seconds with a refillable 20ml tank for 120 minutes of continuous use.


Steinel TS600 Butane Powered Soldering Iron  Automatic Piezo Ignition and up to 3 hours burn time in this quality butane soldering iron. Also available in a Kit - Part number TS600K.


Steinel TS550 Butane Powered Solder/Heat Gun Kit  Butane powered soldering iron and flameless heat blower. Perfect for the field technicians tool kit.


Steinel TS500 Butane Powered Soldering Iron Butane soldering iron kit with 25W - 80W power range. Cordless and ready to use in 20 seconds with a refillable 20ml tank for 120 minutes of continuous use.
 Steinel ThermaTorch  Butane Powered Torches

  Steinel ThermaTorch™ 270 High output butane torch provides the most powerful and stable butane flame available for demanding jobs. Designed with features to withstand the rigors of daily professional use.

  Steinel ThermaTorch™ 175 Butane torch with adjustable airflow and flame control. High capacity 60ml refillable fuel tank for up to 220 minutes continuous use. Features heavy duty brass construction and removable safety stand.

  Steinel ThermaTorch™ 151 General purpose butane torch with adjustable flame. Features compact size, ergonomic grip and stable base for hand-held or bench use.

  Steinel ThermaTorch™ 100 Portable butane torch fueled by standard cigarette lighter (included) Features windproof flame and waterproof ignition system for reliable use in any condition.

  Steinel ThermaTorch™ Mini Plus Anodized steel windproof mini torch with waterproof automatic ignition system. Adjustable flame, protective auto-flip cover and self-standing base for highly versatile use. Includes convenient key chain.

  Steinel ThermaTorch™ Mini Windproof lighter with waterproof automatic ignition system. Features simple twist flame adjustment and protective auto-flip cap.

 Steinel ThermaHeat  Flameless Butane Heat Tools
  Steinel ThermaHeat™ 310 High output flameless heat tool with rapid heat-up for immediate use. The tool is completely cordless and features adjustable heat output up to 1400° F / 750° C. Removable deflector for shrink tube installation.

  Steinel ThermaHeat™ 300 Flameless heat tool with waterproof electronic ignition system provides up to 1300

Master Appliance

  click to view larger image Master Appliance UT100SIP Butane powered, multifunctional soldering iron and flameless heat tool kit for soldering, and many other applications.

  Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-100Si self-igniting, butane-powered soldering/heat tool.

  Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-100SiK self-igniting, butane-powered soldering/heat tool kit.

  Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-40Si entry-level, professional quality, economical, self-igniting Ultratorch

  Master UT-40SIK Butane-Powered soldering Iron Tool Kit Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-40SiK entry-level, professional quality, economical, self-igniting Ultratorch Kit.

  Master Appliance GG-100K Master Appliance GG-l00K  Cordless, Butane Powered Hotmelt Glue Gun and Accessories.

  MT-76K Master Trigger Torch Master Appliance MT76K Professional quality, hand held or table top, butane-powered, self-igniting trigger torch, soldering iron and flameless heat tool

  Ultratane Butane for all Master Butane-Powered Products


  Sievert SB4035 Soldering Iron/Flashlight Sievert SB4035 Battery Operated Soldering Iron/Flashlight   This handy tool is used for Electronic Repair, Automotive, Field Service, Marine, Telecom, Circuit Boards and many other applications. The SB4035 can be used as a soldering iron and then change over to a flashlight in seconds.
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