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Exciting New Products from HEI
We are constantly adding new products to our inventory, allowing you to select from the hottest products in soldering and desoldering technology, and the latest in everything for your business

AT-A860D temperture and air flow controlled hot air gun AT315D ATTEN High Performance Soldering Station with three memory positions. The MCU computer temperature set and maintenance and PI power control loop, assures a more accurate temperature. Use of electromagnetic heating element, high frequency eddy current heating, high wattage and back to temperature quickly. Three programmable channels for temperature setting, adaptable for different working needs.
Special (Receive FREE AT191 Soldering Iron Thermometer with purchase)

AT980D 80W Digital Soldering Station AT980D ATTEN AT980D Digital Soldering Station is a high-power 80W station. It is especially suitable typical lead free soldering jobs requiring ESD safe soldering. The three Hot-Keys allow the operator to pre-set three different temperatures and select them with one press of the button.
Special (Receive FREE AT191 Soldering Iron Thermometer with purchase)

AT938D 60W Digital Soldering Station AT938D ATTEN AT938D Digital Soldering Station is a 60W station. It is especially suitable typical lead free soldering jobs requiring ESD safe soldering. The three Hot-Keys allow the operator to pre-set three different temperatures and select them with one press of the button.
Special (Receive FREE AT191 Soldering Iron Thermometer with purchase)

Soldering Iron Thermometer AT191 ATTEN Soldering Iron Thermometer
Fast accurate tip temperature measurements using a fine CA wire sensor. Digital Readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Jovy Systems iSolder-40 Soldering Station Jovy Systems iSolder-40  The solder station iSolder-40, Jovy's latest invention for lead free soldering with wise touch technology and concept of "variable power for variable temperatures". Switchable power between 110 Volt and 220 Volt.

NA Nano station Finally a station that will rework 1005, 0201, 0402 chips
NA Nano Station is a complete station, for micro rework designed for micro soldering and micro desoldering the tiniest components, like chips 0201, 0402, etc. Tools for this station; Nano soldering iron NT205-A and nano tweezer NP105-A are the lightest, tiniest and ergonomic of the market, which allows you to work at highest precision.

LF-3000 soldering station LF-3000 Soldering Station  High power LF-3000 electronically temperature controlled soldering station was specially designed and developed to meet the present and future Lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry.

CP-1D  Micro tweezers station for soldering and desoldering SMD components. Comes with a PA-A micro hot tweezers handpiece and C120-002, cartridges.

CF-1D  Solder feed station designed for repetitive soldering or when you need a free hand. Equipped with solder feed iron of 1mm diameter.

JBC DDTP245 Digital Dual Soldering Station This Digital Dual Soldering Station allows you to use the T245 soldering handpiece and the PA-A tweezers at the same time.

Pro'sKit MT-1860  3 5/6 Dual Display DMM w/USB Connector & Key Touching

HEI's IR Rework made easy HEI-IR860 IR rework They are here now - Uses Infra Red Rework Technology above and below the board for State of the Art Rework. Economical and easy to use for all operators. Nothing else to buy.

Xytronic LF2000 Lead-Free Soldering Station Xytronic LF2000 Lead-Free Digital Soldering Station The Intelligent LF2000 provides an "Easy to Read" Digital temperature indicator, a detachable 90W solder wand complete with tip, and a "Set and Forget" temperature control that allows a precision accuracy "On Demand" heat setting range of between 200 C and 450 C (392F to 842F ).

HEI-VM-BS  The industry has waited a long time for this tool. You are now able to view high magnification, with high resolution, without the usual eyestrain and headaches associated with looking through a microscope all day long. The unit is designed to fit any of our many microscope stands and has LED variable lightning built-in so additional lightning is not needed. An optional 35 angle attachment is available for viewing the work at an angle giving it a 3D effect as you rotate it in a 360 circle. The unit can be directly connected to a large monitor, or can be connected to a PC via a Video Card for storing and e-mailing images.

Purchase a HL1910E Heat Gun Kit Limited Edition  kit for less than the HL1910E.

Steinel Auto Body Welding Kit

HD heavy duty station JBC HD-1A Dual Soldering Station The HD 4700 is the ideal solution for prolonged heavy duty soldering. It is specially designed to solder intensively on multiple layer boards and on parts requiring high amount of heat. The temperature on the tip is strictly controlled by a micro processor through the sensor-heating element integrated to the tip itself. It includes a sleep system, the hibernation mode and all other basic advantages featured in the rest of our Advanced stations.

goot RX-852AS Heavy Duty Soldering Station goot RX-852AS High Power Temperature Controlled Lead-Free Soldering Station The goot RX-852AS is a compact and lightweight lead-free soldering station with excellent heat recovery. It combines sophistication and high efficiency in a compact design, promising excellence in soldering work for the lead-free generation. (150 Watts of Power)

This is Steinels Ultimate Butane Kit Special and it truly is a Special. If you purchased all of the items in the case individually, it would cost over $250.00 but with the Special it sells for $149.95. Hurry as this special may not last long at this price.

JBC AM7000SMD Complete Rework Station - Includes JT7700 Hot Air Station, DM6700 Quad Soldering/Desoldering Station, MS9004 Desoldering Pump, 2245 Handpiece, 2210 Handpiece, PA1200 Micro Hot Tweezers, Stands, Cartridges and accessories. See the complete repair process with the JBC AM7000SMD.

AL Automatic solder feed station AL-1A Automatic Solder Feeder- JBC AL2500 solder feed station is the perfect complement to automate the solder through a feed system (simply by pushing a button) using the unique advantages of the Advanced Soldering station system.

Lead-Free soldering, desoldering, hot air and hot tweezers rework station Xytronic LF8800 Self-contained Lead-Free Soldering & Desoldering Station
LF-8800 operates with the high power 32V/100W output that is specially designed for lead-free soldering/desoldering works to meet RoHS requirement. This unit built in a self-contained, oil free, maintenance free, and quiet running vacuum pump which is electronically controlled and will not overload with continuous use, eliminating the need for additional shop air.

Master Appliance Professional Electric Heat Guns Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use variable temperature variable air heat gun. Ergonomic design for superb balance and grip, Variable temperature with solid state electronic controller.

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