HEIScope microscopes, video inspection station, boom stands, stereo zoom microscopes 
soldering stations, desoldering stations, smd rework stations, microscopes, heat guns, and all accessories can be purchased at HEI at discount prices.
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Hot Air and Heat Guns / Torches/ Glue Guns and Accessories sold by Howard Electronics Hot Air Stations, Heat Guns and Accessories Sold by Howard Electronics
HeiScope Microscopes, Inspection Stations, Video, Boom Stands, and Accessories
Howard Electronics offers innovative professional Microscopes, Video Inspection Stations, LCD Inspection, Stands, Illumination, E-Arms and Accessories to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the do-it-yourselfers.

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Hei Microscopes, LCD Scopes and Accessories sold by Howard Electronics 
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